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Business Cards in 3 simple steps
Step 1: Setup your document. Open Illustrator with a new document. The Document settings are as follows 90mm X 50mm “Make
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EXAMPLE: https://rightclickerstesting.co.za/rcm1louise/wilcaro/about-us/   THE HTML   <div id=”slideout”> <h3>CONTACT US</h3> <div id=”slideout_inner”> INFO OR CONTACT FORM </div> </div>   THE CSS
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Read More BTN
See the Pen Read More BTN by Shimon (@Shimonsta) on CodePen.
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Change the first letter of text to a different colour
THE HTML <p class=”ftext”>HELLO</p> THE CSS /*CHANGE FIRST LETTER IN CSS*/ .ftext::first-letter { color: #1A1999; }
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CSS Tooltip Box
This css adds a little arrow to the bottom of a div HTML <div class=”arrow_box”> content goes here </div> THE
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Codepen Website
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Sticky NavBar With JQuery | HTML, CSS & JavaScript
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Site Under Construction html code
This is code for your html “Landing Page” <html> <head> <title>Under Construction</title> </head> <style> @import url(‘https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Permanent+Marker’); * { margin: 0;
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