Business Cards in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Setup your document.

Open Illustrator with a new document. The Document settings are as follows 90mm X 50mm “Make sure it’s landscape orientation”.For a single side business card you would only use one artboard, but for a double sided business card you would use 2 artboards. Make sure you have a bleed line of 3mm “Bleed”. Bleed is an area that extends beyond the actual area of your design for your business card.

Make sure your document setup is CMYK and NOT rgb.


Step 2: Design your business card

When Designing your business card you would need to keep in mind a few elements such as fonts and use of images.

  • Fonts need to be created as outlines in pdf before design is sent to printers.
  • Images need to be vector so that they will not be pixelated before printed.
  • Text needs to be 3mm inside of the artboard, The makes sure that your text will not be cut when your business cards are printed.
  • Colours need to be exactly the same as the logo and needs to be followed by the Corporate Identity.

Download Project File

Step 3: Saving business card for print

All you will need to do is make sure the text is outlined


Once you have done that you would need to export it.

Go: File – Save As – then the “Save As Format” needs to be Adobe PDF as shown in the example:

Make sure that you save the all artboards and use artboards in ticked.

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